QX1500 Glass washing machine
QX1500 Glass washing machine
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123玻璃清洗干燥机系列Glass Washing and drying machine
玻璃清洗干燥机用于平板玻璃的清洗和风干。它是玻璃深加工企业的必备设备。清洗干燥机系列产品齐全,含普通玻璃系列、镀膜玻璃系列以及 Low-E 玻璃系列。清洗玻璃的厚度由 1mm ~ 50mm , 玻璃宽度最宽可达到 3.5m . 清洗段和风干段可整体升降、数字显示。也可根据用户要求设计。

The glass washing and drying machine is used for cleaning and air-drying of flat glass . It is necessary equipment for glass deep-processing enterprises. There are various types available for float glass , coated glass and low-e glass with thickness ranging from 1mm to 50mm and the width ranging up to 3500mm. Washing and drying section can be elevated or lowered as a whole with digital display. Orders can be customized.


QX1500B Glass Washing and drying machine
1. Transmission rollers adopt diameter of 60mm durable rubber rollers.
2. Main transmission adopts bevel gear drive with frequency control and digital display. The upper and lower brushes are driven separately by three motors through belt driving to ensure smooth rotation speed with high cycle life.
3. Top frame of both washing and drying sections equipped with high strength screw can be elevated by 180mm as a whole, easy to operate, for the convenience of cleaning and maintaining. 
4. Three pairs of brushes(Ø120mm), of which shafts are processed with stainless steel material, can wash hard  low-e glass, normal coated glass and sunshine coated glass. 
5. Two pairs of air knives without heating can achieve remarkable drying effect, and save costs of repairing or changing sponge rollers to absorb water.
6. It is especially suitable for supporting use of glass tempering furnace, screen printing line, laminating line and other equipment on highly demanding for cleaning and drying effect.